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Job title Work location
MR / Sales Representative  All area in Japan

Job title Work location
2016_99 商品企画開発部/マネージャー 【商品戦略/マーケティング/商品企画開発】   本社/Head Office

Job title Work location
2019_14 Financial Controlling Div / Senior Accountant  本社/Head Office

Business Services (IT)
Job title Work location
2019_19 ソリューションデリバリー部/システムエンジニア(汎用機)  Head Office
2019_20 SSolution Delivery Division / .NET Engineer - API and Data Services  Head Office
2019_36 Solution Delivery Div/Web Engineer  Head Office
2019_24 Solution Delivery Division/.NET Engineer - SQL Server Engineer   Head Office

Job title Work location
2019_18 Business Development Div/Web Engineer  Head Office

Job title Work location
2019_28 System Engineer  Head Office
2019_29 Actuarial Analyst  Head Office
2019_26 Actuarial Innovator  Head Office
2019_23 Digital Marketing  Head Office

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