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Job title Work location
MR / Sales Representative  All area in Japan
2021_42 高崎営業部/セールスアシスタント (契約社員)  高崎
2021_43 水戸営業部/セールスアシスタント (契約社員)  水戸

Job title Work location
2019_60 商品企画開発部/商品企画戦略/マーケティング/基礎書類(事業方法書・約款)  Head Office
2019_62 商品企画開発部/プライシングアクチュアリー  Head Office

Job title Work location
2021_09 Financial Controlling Div/Actuary/ Data analysis / Reporting process improvement expert  Head Office

Job title Work location
2021_49 Human Resources Div/ Recruiting team Talent Acquisition Specialist (External)  Head Office

Job title Work location
2019_73 Underwriting Division/ Chief Underwriter  Head Office

Job title Work location
2021_38 Operational Risk Management Div/ORM Officer(External)  Head Office

Job title Work location
2019_28 System Engineer  Head Office

Job title Work location
2020_40 Technology Foundation Div/ Linux Engineer  Head Office
2021_14 Technology Foundation Div/Technical Information Security Engineer  Head Office
2021_19 Technology Foundation Div/IT Platform  Head Office
2021_21 Technology Foundation Division /Network Azure Engineer  Head Office
2021_23 Transformation Div/Web Engineer  Head Office
2021_25 Transformation Div/Data Engineer  Head Office
2021_26 Transformation Div/System Engineer (Business area:Customer Engagement)  Head Office
2021_08 Employee Success Div/Service Desk Manager(External)  ead Office
2021_29 Transformation Div/ Web Engineer (JavaScript/Java)  Head Office
2021_30 Transformation Div/ System Engineer  Head Office
2021_32 Transformation Div/Data Architect(Data Science Chapter & Data Innovation Squad)  Head Office
2021_34 Transformation Div/Salesforce Center of Excellence,Salesforce Specialist(External)  Head Office
2021_39 Transformation Div / Data Science Evangelist (Data Science Chapter & Data Innovation Squad)  Head Office

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